Artist Profile: Road Wives - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Road Wives

Artist Profile: Road Wives

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland



Style: Electro Pop, Synth Pop, New Wave

Moods: Funky, Joy, Sunshine, Love, Upbeat, Dance, Groovy, Intense, Inspirational, 80s, Empowered, Freedom

Dj and Producer Jack Quinn along with his brother Declan Quinn (formerly with Republic of Loose) form the recording artist that goes under the name of Road Wives. Road Wives manage that rare delivery of an Irish act not sounding as such somehow. With chutzpah Jack seems to channel our dearly departed George Michael, and/or Brian Ferry, giving us those proper 80s vibes that are very much needed under our current global circumstances.

Road Wives bring us relationship songs, helping us bop through the joys and losses that are inevitable, serving them on a glittering, funky synth base. Sure to move you, they also really got the crowds going at Electric Picnic last year:

And this current year is already promising even more excitement, which we will share with you as it is announced. For now, new songs are currently being added to the AMP player so keep an eye out.

Here’s the video for ‘This”, which will put you in the Road Wives groove: