Artist Profile: Patrick Freeman - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Patrick Freeman

Artist Profile: Patrick Freeman

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland



Indie Rock, Rock, Pop, Psych Lounge, Psychedelic, Jazz, Folk, Singer Songwriter, Classical, Indie, Progressive, Blues, Folk Rock


Rocking, Trippy, Ethereal, Aggressive, Catchy, Hypnotic, Love, Unexpected, Unusual, Noble, Tender, Heartbroken, Quirky, Schmaltzy, Dramatic, Unusual, Helpless, Relaxed, Pensive


Having spent some years as a session musician Patrick Freeman finally broke out on his own properly in 2014 as he released the charming debut EP “Perfect Fit”. Freeman is hip, to the point of veering towards nerdy, and connects with a fair few genres, but as a whole comes across as an erudite with a good sense of humor. He’s either an old soul in new psychedelic clothes or perhaps a new soul in retro clothes depending, as is obvious in the nostalgic feel of, for example, the tracks “Perfect Fit” or “Water Street Blues”. Freeman cites Townes Van Zandt, Alan Hull and George Harrison as big influences, along with more current guys in the form of Daniel Rossen, Midlake, and Devendra Banhart, and it is definitely that sort of combination of a 70s gentle, earnest male singer songwriter/poet and a modern day hipster, guitar slinging, bearded gentleman that comes through, although with its very own sheen.


Interested? Have a look at this video of Patrick Freeman’s track “Cherry Blossom Fall” (animation by Paul Savage) with a definite Fleet Foxes, Devendra Banhart feel to it:


Or alternatively press this button for an introductory curated Patrick Freeman playlist from our catalogue: Listen on the Avant Music Port player