Artist Profile: Noah Barker - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Noah Barker

Artist Profile: Noah Barker

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Style:  Jazz, 1920s, Synth Pop, Electro Pop, Electro Rock, Indie Rock

Key words:  Improvised, Upbeat, Feelgood, Spontaneous, Smile, Brass, Trio, Busy, City, Solo, Groovy, Smooth, Dark, Brooding, Ambient, Building, Rhythmic, Funk, Chill, Atmospheric, Cool

A master of the piano, this son of the avant-garde jazz drummer Thurman Barker; though partly following in his dad’s footsteps with a deep interest in as well as having been schooled as well as performing in the same genre, is also very much interested in taking that knowledge and heart into a wider territory of music (experimental, pop and electronic), as can be seen by the tracks on offer in the AMP catalogue.

Noah’s schooling in music has been a long affair. He started playing the piano at 7. At 13 he was playing music in the churches as well as studying classical music. At 14 he began studying jazz, at first at University of Louisville, and latter at SUNY Purchase. Noah’s education is evident in his output, and there is also a serious amount of well-honed passion that drives it forth. This young man is serious about what he does, but can still have fun and throw his circles wide and far to catch the right note to bring it all home.

You can find Noah on Spotify here:

Avant Music Port – Noah Barker – Spotify

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