Artist Profile: namebliss - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: namebliss

Artist Profile: namebliss

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland

Avant Music Port Catalogue 


Style: Grime, Hip Hop, Rap

Key words:  Attitude, Confidence, Swagger, Street, Rowdy, Beat, Flow, Bounce, London, Building, Style, Storytelling, Hard

Grime has come a long way but this is set for throwback time, and just in case you’ve been missing it and are on the hunt for something serious, this is an artist with a unique flow and swagger reminiscent of the good old grimy days but with a definite aim on the near future and beyond.

In the man’s own words:

“My flow is the main thing. I like using my voice tone to entertain. Certain things have caught on, they’re almost like catchphrases, so when I say “faaaaam”, or change the pitch of my voice people anticipate it. I describe it as being lively. I’m either like this or very raw and real – these are my more storytelling tracks. If you had a listen to Seven Sisters, you would know what I mean. For me the music’s either gotta make you get hype and bop your head or make you think and feel something about life on a deeper level.”

Having shared the stage with names like PMoney, Manga, Scrufizzer, Maxta,Double Sand Jammz, this artist is one bound to make waves. Watch out.


Video for Style and Grace (ft Manga Saint Hilare)

And the brand new, even higher energy, remix of the same, this time featuring the legends President T, Jafro, Melvillous:


Sync, Bespoke and Supervision available NOW from


Jeanette Rehnstrom