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Artist Profile: Mongoose

Artist Profile: Mongoose

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Alternative Folk, Jazz, ‘Jolk’, Acoustic, Irish Traditional, Pop


Alluring, Warm, Restless, Energetic, Haunting, Lustful, Dark, Moody, Carefree, Dreamy, Soulful, Pensive, Melancholic, Upbeat, Fun, Heartfelt


The words fierce and folk are not usually combined, but for Dublin based female ‘jolk’  (self-described fusion of Jazz and Folk) act Mongoose an exception can be made. The fierce folk foursome is made up of Ailbhe Dunne (guitars/vocals), Molly O’Mahony (lead vocals/cajon), Cara Dunne (shakers/vocals) and Muireann Ní Cheannabháin (cello/vocals), all of who are songwriters. While the group’s influences vary from Fleetwood Mac to Beyoncé, their own style has folk and traditional Irish at the heart, yet manages to fuse pop and jazz into the mix too.


It’s clear from the offset of the debut album ‘Mongoose’, released in May of this year, that the group is full of powerful vocalists, as enchanting harmonies are heard on every track. The impact of their tales of lust, longing and saying goodbye (to name a few) is enhanced and enforced by the gentle, wholesome harmonies of the group in combination with the strength of lead vocalist Molly’s voice, that easily move between being fierce and sassy to vulnerable and mellow. With touches of classical guitar (Featherkisses), an acapella track with a Celtic edge (Goodbye Song), and sweet harmonies singing of the beauty of nature (Drifting), the styles, themes and textures of Mongoose for the most part create an image of colourful forests and fairytales, perhaps best fitting sync to something needing a dark, sweet and powerful edge.

Video for Slow-Burning Feeling


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