Artist Profile: Max Green - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Max Green

Artist Profile: Max Green

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland

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Style: Indie Pop, Synth Pop, Dream Pop, Electronic, House, Dance

Key words:  Groovy, Dance, Atmospheric, Upbeat, Soaring, Percussive, Adventure, Video Game, Experimental, Jazzy, Building, Mysterious, Psychedelic, Smooth, Emotional, Glitter


Multi-instrumentalist Max being one half of the AMP band Inspired and the Sleep (profiled here not too long ago); and also an important part of other local SD and LA bands, is no doubt more the inspired part of the outfit, looking at his almost inexhaustible creative output. So how does he fare on his own? These tracks are happily squared away in the Dream Pop corner, and tend to be smoother, sweeter (even the voice) and more level as a whole. Lyric wise they often deal with the ups and downs of dating and living the life of a young man in California. The framework is as always solid, plus you can bop to this for sure, smiling away.

Max recently moved from a smaller town in the San Diego area up to the bright lights and smog of LA to the despair of his parents. His move was due to his seriousness about music, and he was hoping to find a way to progress his career even further with the help of people with the same level of ambition as himself. What did he find? Inspiration! Phew. Thus, this young man ventures forth to dream and while away his time in creating increasingly fine tracks that we all can enjoy. Get your chill on.

Listen to Homebody here:

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