Artist Profile: Marlene Enright - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Marlene Enright

Artist Profile: Marlene Enright

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland


Style: Soft Rock, Indie Pop, Alt Pop, Alt Folk, Dream Pop, R&B, Soul, Roots

Moods: Haunting, Upbeat, Quirky, Playful, Laid back, Gentle, Melancholy, Reflective, Powerful, Dreamy, Sweet, Thoughtful, Lost, Intense

A debut album that showcases a mix of radio friendly pop (‘Underbelly’), infectious grooves (‘Alchemy’) and heartfelt slow burners (‘Sadness’) eloquently, suggests the mind behind it all is quite a versatile artist. Marlene Enright, the artist in question, is quoted as one of Ireland’s most promising musicians and it’s not hard to see/hear why.

Having been a part of Cork-based Americana/Folk band The Hard Ground, Enright’s vocals are steeped in the warm, rich tones associated with the band’s style. However, her solo project debut album Placemats and Second Cuts (released March 2017) is a mix of the past and present; modern roots, alt folk, indie pop, dream pop, and R&B, demonstrating Enright’s experience, style, passion and influences. Lyrically the album speaks of “self-doubt, dancing the fine line between feeling comfortable in your own skin and feeling totally lost at sea, indecisiveness, the battle between strength and weakness, passion and apathy, belonging and isolation and self-acceptance”. We’re super proud to have these free flowing, sometimes playful, sometimes sombre, always heartfelt, stunning tracks in the AMP catalogue.

Video for ‘Alchemy’:


By: Clare McGonigle