Artist Profile: Maria Kelly - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Maria Kelly

Artist Profile: Maria Kelly

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland



Indie Folk, Folk Pop, Alternative, Singer Songwriter


Raw, Honest, Heartbroken, Plaintive, Acoustic, Bittersweet, Melodious, Warm, Uplifting, Atmospheric, Upbeat, Intimate, Emotive, Spacious

There is no doubt that Maria Kelly is on the up and up. With a face so excruciatingly close to the honesty of her voice, you cannot but be wholly convinced by her artistry and intent. And having been named “a person to watch in 2017” by The Irish Times, the Avant Music Port team aren’t the only ones on tenterhooks for the imminent release her EP “The Things I Should,” as well as whatever follows from there.

Maria Kelly weaves sophisticated patterns with the help of very fine songwriting, and a voice so sweet, precise and charming that it automatically spellbinds. Utter humanity, care and gravity interlink and create a flow of beauty and kindness; something in such short supply in the world that surrounds us presently that it almost seems a little alien, leaving the listener with a sense of wellbeing and hope. And we all need that.

Having supported the likes of James Vincent McMorrow, one can get an inkling of the direction in which Maria Kelly is heading, but have a look and listen to her video ‘Stitches’ and you’ll get a more concrete idea of where our excitement for the music comes from: