Artist Profile: Kevin Herm Connolly - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Kevin Herm Connolly

Artist Profile: Kevin Herm Connolly

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland




Alternative, Folk, Acoustic, Singer Songwriter, Indie, Rock



Romantic, Longing, Melancholy, Raw, Contemplative, Dark, Energetic, Edgy, Gritty, Intense, Deep, Melancholy, Catchy, Bittersweet


A male vocal that is raw yet powerful and a little rough around the edges is something honest, pure and universally appealing, and singer songwriter Kevin Herm Connolly is testament to this. Writing, playing, and recording music has been a major part of his life since a very young age when he grew up in the Irish county of Galway. Since then he has took part in solo projects; which led to an honourable mention in the International Song Competition (with the single ‘Year Of The Horse’), as well as group ventures with alt-country band El Diablo and Clancy. Needless to say Kevin has a wealth of musical experience, and it can be heard.


His songs fit comfortably into the Singer Songwriter, Indie, and Folk Rock genres, but within that vary a lot, from stripped back acoustic performances to fuller rock productions. His heavier rock sound is evident on tracks such as ‘Snake Oil’ (a energetic, gritty, aggressive, full band track), while his stripped back approach is offered on tracks like ‘Give Me Everything’ (a delicate and simple vocal and piano track). In both cases, there is genuine depth and soul that faultlessly captures and holds the listener’s attention.


Here’s his video for ‘Shotgun’:


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