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Artist Profile: Kat & Co

Artist Profile: Kat & Co


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Style:  Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Gospel, Soul, Jazz

Key words:  Groovy, Attitude, Upbeat, Work, Citylife, Dark, Moody, Love, Relaxed, Lounge, Pensive, Hurt, Heartbreak, Strong, Heartfelt, Intimate, Smooth, Soulful, Regret, Alone, Lonely, Yearning

Blending the best of soul, rhythm and blues, jazz and gospel, Kat & Co produce that smoky kind of sound that transports you straight to a dark lounge with red velvet interior, a light haze of cigarette smoke hangs over people’s heads as stories of life, love, hardship and hope are told. Kathleen Pearson (lead vocals), Francesco Accurso (guitar/vocals), Federico Parodi (piano/keys), Nick Owsianka (drums/percussion), and Marco Marzola (double bass) makes up this London-based band which has been together since 2009. The quintet are all incredibly talented musicians in their own right, but it’s lead vocalist Kathleen’s presence that puts an authentic Blues stamp on their music. A native of Long Beach CA, Kathleen’s family traditions stem from her grandparents’ mid-west farm in the cotton fields of rural Tennessee. The strong tradition of the blues there meant she learnt many a work song from her grandfather, which lead to further musical influences from gospel hymns, blues hummers and soul singers.

Tracks which showcase each band member’s deep understanding of how the Blues should feel are ‘Night Time Is The Right Time’ and ‘City Burn’. The swag and strut of the bass-line combined with the punchy groove of the drums, the attitude of the guitar solos, the smooth chords on the keys, and the heartfelt soul of the vocal, are the ingredients that make these tracks so rich in their Blues character. With a seal of approval from the son of one of the fathers of the Blues, Kat & Co are definitely a go-to when it comes to this style;

“I like my father’s style, my own style and Kat’s style. I am crazy about that kind of stuff”

Mud Morganfield (eldest son of Muddy Waters)

Video for ‘Bedroom Floor’:


Clare McGonigle