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Artist Profile: Inspired & the Sleep

Artist Profile: Inspired & the Sleep

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Style: Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Pop Rock, Experimental Pop, Alt Pop

Key words:  Percussive, Cool, Funky, Dreamy, Hazy, Mystery, Chill, Love, Youth, Bright, Fun, Breakup, Relationships, Pulsing, Friendship, Apology, Intimate

Dreamy, sweet songs about relationships that you can bop too are what, San Diego/LA band Inspired & the Sleep (prolific Singer Songwriter Max Greenhalgh and Multi-Instrumentalist Bryce Outcault) are all about. Their’s a world that stays comfortably on track, whilst swinging with a steady beat – pondering life with a sparkle, in a very California sounding manner. You can rest peacefully in your hammock by the pool in the wafting breeze and let these lads play loud. Even when they get a little darker or psychdelic they still manage to keep the changing of the gears smooth and pleasant, and without disturbing the relaxed groove.

Some of Max’s tunes have already featured on MTV’s Catfish and True Life, and another track appeared in the 2018 Andrew Bowler indie film Time Freak (featuring Asa Butterfield), but he’s ready for more placements as soon as you are.

In My Labyrinth Mind video:



You like: Owl City,Imagine Dragons, Vampire Weekend, Style Council


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