Artist Profile: Inner City Radio - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Inner City Radio

Artist Profile: Inner City Radio

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Style: Electro Soul, Electro Blues, Alternative

Key words: Lost, Mysterious, Abstract, Alluring, Atmospheric, Dreamy, Dramatic, Filmic, Suspense, Trance, Floating, Marching, Moody, Dark

Inner City Radio, from Limerick, is set on exploring issues of love, passion, lust, despair and anxiety through yearning vocals, electronic beats, and organic rock and blues sounds.

Sean and Emily, who make up the bulk of Inner City Radio, are in a continuous process of discovery, and when you take a musical history walk with them you are bound to discover roots that are leaning more in the direction of rock, but that now have wandered further afield, looking for sustenance in an almost Portishead like watering holes, yet reaching their own conclusions as to how to put it all together from there.

Currently the guys are finding a good home in a moody Electro Blues/Soul house where pop still makes itself known, and we can’t wait to see if they’ll remain or keep on developing in some other direction. Wherever they’re going we’re sure to follow, addicted to the mood and cinematic qualities that abound.

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