Artist Profile: Grey Glass - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Grey Glass

Artist Profile: Grey Glass

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Style: Rock, Alt Rock, Indie Rock

Key words:  Upbeat, Death, Love, Vulnerable, Admiration, Building, Fiery, Energetic, Warm, Desert, Journey, Reflective, Nostalgic, Human, Contemplative, Upbeat, Ambient, Floating


This alternative-rock band from Provo in Utah, US, formed in 2014, and has Tal Haslam on lead vocals and guitar, Casey Ball on guitar and synth and Eli Pratt on bass, and Scott Knutson on drums. Together they look to go against the current aesthetic trends of re-invented 80’s synth pop by putting an emphasis on beefy guitars, big drums and sing-at-the top-of-your-voice type of vocal harmonies, obviously loving what they do. Lyrically they also put in some serious love and care, as the lyrics are always well thought out and a pleasure to delve into. Listen, for example, to the track Old which is an emotional, soaring, hopeful connection to both others and to oneself, full of insight and passion despite the youth of the creators. Thus, all in all Grey Glass are intent on making a big impression:

Their arena rock sound blends with indie rock roots to create a healthy blend of powerful and soulful for a unique listening experience. They thrive on music that speaks to the lives of their fans and embraces the human experience.”

Grey Glass – Artists We Like:

Radiohead, Kings of Leon, Weezer, Death Cab for Cutie, Porcupine Tree

The “Seconds” video:


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