Artist Profile: Greg Clifford - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Greg Clifford

Artist Profile: Greg Clifford

New Music for Sync Licensing

Style: Pop, Alt Rock, Folk

Moods: Steady, Bright, Luck, Hypnotic, Optimistic, Searching, Lonely, Ambient, Drifting, Harmonies, Frustrated, Energetic, Playful, Selfish, Alive

A classically trained guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and production musician, this guy prefers a musical concoction that mixes Alternative Rock and Pop for his own personal creative output. At first listen you know that there is a tank full of craftsmanship to be contended with here. The songs are layered with precision, and the sound evocative and intriguing. Greg Clifford’s deep and wistful voice adds seriousness to the Pop tracks and a certain knowing wise charm to Alt Rock ones. These are songs that can bear a lot of listening, and as such will definitely add depth and atmosphere to their visual counterpart. For sync purposes the following review from Golden Plec sets one scenario in which it is easy to see how Greg Clifford could possibly be placed:

One For Luck starts with some wistful ohhh’s and some gentle acoustic strumming which you can imagine playing in the background as the main character of your favourite TV show reflects on the turbulent events of the previous 40 minutes of storyline.”

Check him out on the AMP player, and you’ll see the multitude of other scenarios to which Greg Clifford can easily become the soundtrack.

Here’s his Video for ‘You’re out of Time’: