Artist Profile: Liv Monaghan - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Liv Monaghan

Artist Profile: Liv Monaghan

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland

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Style: Jazz, Folk Jazz, Alt Jazz

Key words: Delightful, Cool, Tongue in Cheek, Fun, Sweet, Silly, Sexy, Serious, Loss, Love, Smiling, Elegant, Swagger, Light, Easy, Gentle, Poetic

An Irish (Cork) woman in Paris composing and singing her own alt/folk jazz tunes with flare, fun and sophistication. Sounds delightful no? It is.

Having started off as a costume designer for the National Theatre in Dublin in 2012 Liv felt the call of the continent and off she popped, with little but love for adventure in her knapsack. What she found was a climate much more in tune with her sense of the artistic element of being, something that aided her in her development. The initial thought had been to go for a year, but she loved it so much she wanted to stay on further, but money was low. One night in Dublin, on a short visit home, she ended up singing in a pub, and for some reason everybody loved it, and the hat came back full of euro bills. A lightbulb moment!

Having studied music when she was younger; she wasn’t a complete novice i.e., she now veered off the currently set path and fully immersed herself in music. When looking at the options of genre, she took the road that called the loudest; even if it would mean a whole lot of extra work: jazz. She went in 100%. What she has come out with at the other end, is something, as mentioned above, delightful. Some tracks are funny, some full of poetry and some melancholy, and all in all, you got to hear this. And sync this.

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