Artist Profile: Flecks - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Flecks

Artist Profile: Flecks

Avant Music Port Catalogue – New Music for Synch Licensing

Synth Pop, Electronica, Folk Rock, Post Rock, Alternative, Minimalistic

Dark, Ambient, Nostalgic, Dreamy, Hopeful, Optimistic, Reflective, Cinematic, Dramatic, Bright, Nocturnal, Haunting, Atmospheric

There have been few song placements in films over the years that are so epically effective that they can’t but stay with you forever as a point of reference, the one in mind at the moment is Simple Mind’s ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ in the 1985 classic Breakfast Club. Five-piece electronic synth pop act Flecks grew up in the 80s and their music in turn is highly influenced by and nostalgic for that time. Flecks’ music encapsulates the climatic, hopeful, epic-ness of the final scene in Breakfast Club, capturing it in a respectful, graceful way while also adding their own dark ominous undertone.

Based in Dublin, Flecks is made up of Freya Monks (vocals, violin), Scott Halliday (keys, guitar), Jay Wilson (keys), Paul Kenny (drums), and Alan Elliot (bass), all of whom are experienced musicians, having played with some of Ireland’s top acts. Founded in 2015, the group released debut EP ‘Girl’, comprised of four tracks. Each track has an ambient, dreamy feel throughout, while some (such as ‘Objects of Desire’ and ‘Fear’) have a slightly more melancholic, darker undertone. The mix of 80’s bright, fun, ambient synth pop with Freya’s moody vocal creates a style that would be well suited for scenes in need of a nostalgic feel with an ambivalent air of mystery.

Here’s their music Video for ‘Distance=Distance’

And here they are in the Catalogue: Listen on the Avant Music Port player


By Clare McGonigle