Artist Profile: Enemies - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Enemies

Artist Profile: Enemies

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland

Style: Indie Pop, Experimental, Post Rock, Alt Rock, Pop, Math Rock, Minimalism, Alternative

Moods: Upbeat, Powerful, Energetic, Laid back, Building, Exhilarating, Dreamy, Cosmic, Ambient, Drifting, Hypnotic, Feelgood, Funky, Tropical, Uplifting, Explosive

For four creative, musical minds to think exactly or even similarly alike is not the easiest thing to come by, and perhaps not the most ideal outcome anyway, add friendship into the situation and it all becomes more complicated with more to lose if things go sour. This was ultimately the conundrum that faced and brought an early end to an incredibly talented four piece from Kilcoole Ireland; Enemies. Formed in 2007, the childhood friends came together to create their own indie/post rock/math rock sound that led them to tour Asia, the US and Europe in their ten years together.

While in the limelight they faced personal struggles and creative, professional disagreements, and it wasn’t until they decided to put an end to the band that they felt the freedom to write for themselves, instead of worrying about what people’s reactions would be that would then put pressure on their creative output. While their sound from the beginning has been fiery, rhythmic post rock that’s melody focused and rich in texture, their final album is their most uplifting, interesting, and experimental yet, having moved slightly away from a focus on melodic instrumentals and now incorporating lush vocals. Track ‘itsallwaves’ of final album ‘Valuables’, has a dreamy, tropical feel to it that wasn’t present up to now.

As with all our talented artists we like to look forward to what they might come up with next, however in this case we will simply have to hope there will be a reunion. Please guys. Pretty please.

Video for ‘itsallwaves’

By: Clare McGonigle