Artist Profile: Emma Lou and the Agenda - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Emma Lou and the Agenda

Artist Profile: Emma Lou and the Agenda

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Soul, Jazz, Pop, Blues, R&B
Hypnotic, Groovy, Heartbreak, Love, Lonely, Upbeat, Playful, Swagger, Bright, Smoky, Confident

If you were to combine the attitude and rap punch of Nicki Minaj, with the soul of Amy Winehouse, the funk of Prince, and the jazzy, raspy voice of Duffy, Emma Lou and The Agenda would be the outcome. Starting out as simply Emma Lou/Emma Fitzsimmons, sans ‘The Agenda’, the soulful songstress began her journey into the music industry by creating her own YouTube channel covering the likes of Britney, Mariah and Taylor. The channel now stands at over 850,000 views, impressive! This self-taught guitar and keyboard player then decided to turn her hand to writing original music and teamed up with NuMu’s producer Barry Murphy, and band members Adam Lindsay (bass), Enmanuel Moreno (drums), Richie Jago (guitar), and Kevin Foran (brass), thus becoming Emma Lou & The Agenda.

Emma quotes the powerhouse Etta James as a heavy influence on her music, and this comes through clearly in both style and theme as her soulful voice delivers songs of love and heartbreak. The lyrics often concern a brokenhearted yet empowered woman confronting her man about his unacceptable behavior, or elsewhere, waving the flag of girl-power and emphasizing the importance of self-love. Overall there is a fresh, smoky swagger to Emma’s old-school soul.

And here they are on the AMP Player: Listen on the Avant Music Port player

Clare McGonigle