Artist Profile: Elaine Mai - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Elaine Mai

Artist Profile: Elaine Mai


New to sync licensing from Ireland

Style:  Electronic, Dance, Electro Pop, House, Dance

Keywords: Cosmic, Bright, Upbeat, Ambient, Dance, Hopeful, Atmospheric, Building, Intimate, Chill, Longing, Loss, Driving, Melancholy, Pumping

With the general limitations of attention spans in today’s constantly switched on world, our ears are less likely to completely commit to a melody, so in the instance that you do find yourself captivated by a sound, it stays with you. This is the case for the cosmic vastness in the soundscapes created by electronic artist Elaine Mai; they keep you completely entranced from the very first beat. Since starting out as a solo performer in 2011, Mai has thoughtfully and carefully crafted a reputation for critically acclaimed live performances and electronic music with a powerful beating heart at the centre.

The collection of this county Mayo artist’s tracks in our catalogue are filled with gorgeous melodies and harmonies within beautifully atmospheric electronic backdrops. For her most recent EP The Colour Of The Night (included in the catalogue), she created a cathartic work, centred around the common human experiences of grief and hope. When discussing the track ‘Enniscrone’ with Vents Magazine she said “Over the last few years, I have encountered close personal grief for the first time and this track is about that experience. The melody and movement in the strings are a musical representation of the journey from sorrow and despair to acceptance and hope”. As well as creating her own music Mai has collaborated with other producers (including fellow AMP catalogue member Daithi), and also has a talent for remixing and reimagining existing tracks (as she did with Liza Flume’s ‘Sheets’). Her distinct and heartfelt approach to remixing, reimagining, repeating rhythms and melodies makes her one of Ireland’s best electronic artists.

Video for ‘When I Go’


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