Artist Profile: Dreaming of Jupiter - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Dreaming of Jupiter

Artist Profile: Dreaming of Jupiter


Style:  Alt Pop, Electro Pop, New Soul

Moods:  Upbeat, Regret, Vanity, Bright, Loss, Space, Funky, Cosmic, Searching, Floating, Ambient, Reflective, Groove

Brought together by a shared love of astronomy, space documentaries and music, Dublin three piece Dreaming Of Jupiter create a vibrant electro pop sound infused with deep grooves and a soulful vocal. Zoë Gough (Keyboard/Guitar/Lead Vocals), Dave Levins (Guitar/Vocals) and Sam Oye (Drums) have only released two singles so far; ‘Eyes Of Stone’ and ‘Light Of My Life’, but both have had a great reach, and the band has already had the joy of playing venues such as the 02 Islington, London. With the ambient soundscape of the tracks giving a sense of floating, and lyrics alluding to drifting in space searching for somewhere you feel you belong, its clear the trio’s combined passion for what’s beyond our own planet has a presence in their art. Having placed ‘Light Of My Life’ in our most recent legal drama TV series Striking Out (ep.4; produced by Blinder Films and aired on RTE), we’re eager to see what might come next for this talented trio.

Video for ‘Light Of My Life’:

Clare McGonigle