Artist Profile: I am the Cosmos - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: I am the Cosmos

Artist Profile: I am the Cosmos

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland

Avant Music Port Catalogue 

Style: Electronica, Dance, Synth, Pop

Key words:  Cinematic, Building, Animated, Nature, Floating, Haunting, Melancholic, Groovy, Moody, Logical, Layered, Smoky, Anxious, Wonder, Industry

I am the Cosmos is an electronic project in the dedicated hands of Ross Turner (Lisa Hannigan) and Cian Murphy (Ships). These lads are painstaking in their music making, and do not find a need for urgency as they forge their craft, instead they are set on slowly directing your steps towards a cavorting wiggle, which then by sheer will turns into whatever fanciful dance moves your body elastic allows.

The dark near idle tones of Turner’s voice deliver a close to Joy Division feel layered upon, and weaved into, the shimmering synth web which spreads forth with intent.  Whereas the more recent tracks are of a more analogue house ilk; keeping a steady buidling upbeat pulse (Death is not the end), no matter where you listen in the band insists on that they keep their eye on retaining honest work and musicality throughout, relying as little as possible on laptops and midi controllers. Turner cites a variety of influences from the French artist Yves Klein, to the Japanese band Mariah’s 1983 album Utakata No Hibi,  and onward towards to the arrangements and productions of Eno and Bowie on Heroes and Low, and there is no doubt the lads are after a similarily serious attention to detail and dedication, and that they deliver.

Proof? Have a listen to ‘Leaving/The Shift’:

And a look at their video for ‘Nothing but Love”