Artist Profile: Cinema - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Cinema

Artist Profile: Cinema

Music Sync Licensing from Ireland



Electronica, Dance


Meditative, Abstract, Chill, Dreamy, Mysterious, Hypnotic, Cinematic, Groovy, Hopeful, Cosmic


A five track debut album forty minutes in length is not the most common way an artist introduces themselves to the music scene, but for Kildare producer Peter Fleming (Cinema) this was the manner. Having spent six months carefully creating and developing ‘A Night Train To Budapest’, Cinema has uncovered five stunning electronic instrumental tracks that each take the listener on a different journey through a cosmic soundscape.


The extra length of the tracks allows much more room for exploration, and in this extra time Cinema maintains synth infused, soulful, meandering electronic melodies, and delivers them in an overall slow tempo which blends the tracks seamlessly together. The listening experience results in a blurring of the concept of time and mental and physical immersion in an ambient, emotive, otherworldly space. His full-bodied, aptly cinematic sound has great potential for all types of sync placements, but perhaps most especially for anything with an air of grand mystery.


Want to know what we mean, have a listen to Cinema here:
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Clare McGonigle