Artist Profile: Ciara Sidine - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Ciara Sidine

Artist Profile: Ciara Sidine

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland

Avant Music Port Catalogue 

Style: Roots, Country, Americana, Folk

Key words:  Heartfelt, Warm, Regret, Loss, Melancholy, Family, Desire, Smooth, Rootsy, Hurt, Heavy, Relationships, Heartbreak, Freedom, Warm, Harmonies, Nature, Soothing, Love, Escape, Mellow, Journey, Haunting, Desert, Strength, Storytelling

Combining roots, country, soul, gospel and blues, with captivating lyrics, a powerfully soulful vocal and fiery red hair, Dublin-based singer songwriter Ciara Sidine creates an incredibly moving sound and performance. Sync-wise one particular current popular series that comes to mind where her strong Americana sound would be perfectly at home in is Nashville.

Before looking into her tracks, it’s interesting to note how she describes her musical inspirations, as the high respect and admiration she has for them has definitely translated into her own music. “I am inspired by the beautiful vocals and at times ground-breaking recordings of Emmylou Harris, by the raw vocal energy and gut-wrenching lyrics of Lucinda Williams, by the braveness and vulnerability of Beth Gibbonsand the rare and ethereal sound of Portishead”. Words to take from this description and reference back on Ciara herself are: raw vocal, gut wrenching lyrics, and vulnerability.

We’re very proud to have her most recent album Unbroken Line in our catalogue, for not only musical reasons or the fact that Hot Press Magazinerecommended it “from the highest heights”, but for the heartbreaking yet elegantly poetic way Ciara depicts social and political issues in Ireland today. Throughout the album, Ciara explores the hardships of the vulnerable, namely in relation to Ireland’s past and the Catholic Church and women. In ‘Finest Flower’, Ciara remembers the survivors of the Magdalene laundries and mother and baby homes as she sings “not for one minute of an hour, my finest flower, did i ever let you go”. In ‘Let The Rain Fall’, she considers the lies and cover-ups of the Catholic Church; “how you can look me so straight in the eyes when you feed me crooked lies”. In the bluesy and soulful ‘Trouble Come Find Me’ the female character represents a woman’s position in relation to the reproductive rights laws; “trouble lay down beside me, trouble keep me warm”.

The heart and soul behind Ciara’s delicate songwriting and vocal delivery is what puts these themes and stories across so beautifully.

Video for ‘Trouble Come Find Me’:


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