Artist Profile: Chris Kabs - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Chris Kabs

Artist Profile: Chris Kabs

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Avant Music Port Catalogue 

Style: R&B, Hip Hop, Afro Pop, Soul, Dance

Key words: Smooth, Relaxed, Soulful, Tropical, Pray, Strength, Memories, Upbeat, Nostalgic, Frustrated, Heartfelt, Relationships, Groove, Dark, French, Thriller, Confrontational, Choir, Destiny, Holy

All artists use their art form in different ways for different reasons, and for R&B/Afro Pop artist/producer Chris Kabs every little encounter, emotion, and experience of his life contributes to the way he creates his music. A quote from Kabs’ social media about completing a track states: “the beauty of creating from nothing to something and presenting it to the whole world . Unexplainable feelings”. These “unexplainable feelings” were then followed by fire, praying and crying face emojis, not to attempt to sum up a man by his use of emojis but together with the statement they do sum up how passionate he feels about the journey of the creation process of music.

This gifted multi-instrumentalist grew up between Sweden, France, the Ivory Coast and is now based in Dublin. A childhood fascination with instruments ultimately took over as after working as a financial accountant he eventually quit to pursue a career in music. What stands out most in his music is an incredible smoothness in grooves overall, and lyrically how he can be both carefree and emotional; with track ‘Enemies’ being an ode to his enemies (“I was so busy working I forgot to pray for my enemies”), and track “I Wanna Love Ya” a warm declaration of love (“I wanna love ya, cause now I know what real love is”). Style-wise his influences are in the realm of R&B with elements of jazz, trap and hip hop, and a dash of dance/pop here and there (as heard in track ‘Go Back’). One artist there is a subtle influential nod to is Kanye West, especially with the choral background of prayer-like track ‘Temo’ similar in musical texture to the background choir of Kanye’s ‘Jesus Walks’. However one quality that is definitely Chris Kabs’ own (and far from Kanye) is the summery feelgood soul in his music – we love it!

Music Video for ‘Enemies’


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