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Artist Profile: Charm of Finches

Artist Profile: Charm of Finches

Avant Music Port Catalogue

Style: Folk, Indie Folk, Singer Songwriter, Chamber Folk

Key words: Dreamy, Hazy, Sweet, Soothing, Thoughtful, Harmonies, Harmony, Kind, Personal, Melancholy, Love, Hurt, Reflective, Warm, Atmospheric

Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes are two Melbourne sisters with stories of romance and woe to tell. Albeit young, their shoulders are bending under the weight of their solemn reflections of the world around them, yet their steps remain buoyant as their harmonies lighten and spin them ahead a winding high road.

Like a more melancholy version of First Aid Kit the sweet and reflective sound of Charm of Finches is set to snare your emotions and your care as they lyrically deal with issues that are difficult but all too regular in our world, and in particular with a specific focus on the staple of our young people, that is, social media, relationships and self-esteem etc..

Additionally, it is important to point out that the instrumentals of Charm of Finches very much also stand out as works on their own, as the evocative creations wake the surf and swells, creating atmospheres that are as filmic as they are intense and continuously evolving. So there is plenty to dive into here.

Vibe: First Aid Kit, The Webb Sisters, The Staves, Mountain Man

Here they are with the video for their track Lies:

And an earlier video:

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