Artist Profile: Caz9 - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Caz9

Artist Profile: Caz9

New Music for Sync Licensing

Style: Electro Pop, Beats, Alternative, Dance

Moods: Powerful, Feminine, In Control, Attitude, Wistful, Passionate, Letting Go, Joy, Hopeful, Romantic, Moody, Seductive, Naughty, Liberating, Freedom, Intimate, Late Night, Inviting, Dreamy

Having started as a singer-songwriter of the acoustic variety Caz9 gathered some of her experience at gigs such as Body&Soul, Knockanstockan and the Virgin Atlantic Music Festival, Barbados ’07 & ’08. With time, however, she shape-shifted into the Electro Pop figure she now has developed into. This new Caz9 released her debut EP Phase II this year, and on it she offers a variety of tracks that hit differently depending on the emphasis. There’s a slight sultry, keen Dusty Springfield (the disco days) vocal on the lovely “Want to Wake” track, and a softer, tender vocal à la Amel Larrieux (formerly of Groove Theory) on “Work With”. The ruminating base and the heavy synths flow through out, although they take turns to carry the well forged lyrics and vocal harmonies.

This is just the start of what Caz9 can do; she turned to actual music production just about a year ago, and at the beginning of next year she is promising us further creative output, which carries a lot of promise if judged on the delights we have here.

Here’s “Want To Wake”