Artist Profile: Blue Fish Diamond - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Blue Fish Diamond

Artist Profile: Blue Fish Diamond

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Style: Indie Folk

Key words: Harmonies, Retro, Shimmering, Upbeat, Pensive, Catchy, Mourning, Heartbreak, Searching, Loss, Hope, Honest, Warm, Sweet, Melodic, Inspiring, Vibrant

A contemporary classical approach to Indie Folk of this kind might be bound to push a number of sounds-like buttons, but if you stick with it you will find that beyond that you’re in a new territory, Blue Fish Diamond territory that is, and it is just the place to be on this sunny autumn day.

At the band’s centre you find Jim Murphy (rhythm guitar & lead vocals), a man that has took detours aplenty to arrive where he’s at. Having been born in Zambia, and having spent years and years and years working as an actuary in the Irish insurance industry, Jim finally broke away, went back to study music and then formed the band in 2016. With influences such as Neil Young, Tom Petty, R.E.M. and more recently Big Thief, the band set off on a shimmering road which in 2018 lead to their debut album From Dark to Light.

Besides Jim the band is made up of Shay Sweeney (drums), Ronan Quinn (bass), Laura Ryder (piano), Axel McDonald (lead guitar), Matilda O’Mahony (backing vocals), and Ella Ryan (backing vocals), and as a whole they offer abundant rich harmonies and driving hope.

This year, last month in fact, they released their second album Frozen Stars on the Night to warm acclaim.

Vibes: 70s, Tom Petty, Beatles, The Go-Betweens, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Burt Bacharch, Neil Young and Leonard Cohen.

“(Sunshine in My Brain) is absolutely stunning, a melancholic anthem with some of the most impressive instrumentation I’ve heard from any unsigned act”

RGM Magazine

“The rollicking new track comes paced with shimmering guitars and silky vocals”


“Essential listening for those who like their music powerful and heartfelt”. 

Hot Press Magazine

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