Artist Profile: Blooms - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Blooms

Artist Profile: Blooms

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Style: Alt Pop, Electro Pop, Pop, Synth Pop, Electronica, Soundtrack, Industrial, Ambient

Key words:  Love, Intense, Menacing, Hypnotic, Breakup, Calm, Bouncy, Ethereal, Cosmic, Fear, Sparkling, Relationship, Fight, Longing, Bright

This London-based Mayo-grown artist, Louise Cunnane, has been better known as Blooms, and is gradually becoming Lilac Glass, but for the purpose of this profile we will keep to the moniker Blooms. Thus, Blooms creates atmospheric pop tracks that never stray too far into the lighter side of the genre. A constant edge of darkness shadows the languidly bouncing beat, and a vein of meticulous care runs through it all. The fact that she’s played support to both Patti Smith and Ellie Goulding tells you a little more of the kind of fit her music can take, though without revealing the actual sound (for that you will have to have a listen below).

Lyrically the Blooms tracks are mostly relationship based, and if you listen to them as a whole and in a chronological order you will notice a very clear development from a nervous fragility, to heartbreak, to a wiser more confident and stronger sound, thus taking us through transitory stages of life and love.

A keen creator, Blooms is often produced by fellow AMP artist Kobina, as well as by Gil Lewis, P*nut, and Simeon Rodgers. Most recently she teamed up with Bodies (David Anthony McGeown) on the excellent track “Everything is not Lost”.

“Blooms real talent lies in conveying the hurt, fear, want and passion behind everything she writes in a way that feels completely natural but utterly beguiling.” (The Last Mixed Tape)

Watch the Lust Sofar video here:


Influence: Banks