Artist Profile: Bird Passengers - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Bird Passengers

Artist Profile: Bird Passengers

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland

Style: Indie Pop, Electro Pop, Pop, Electro Rock, Electronica, Pop Rock

Moods: Stranger Things, Nightlife, Building, Robotic, Fearless, Hope, Upbeat, Friendship, Uplifting, Beatdrop, Ambient, Love, Breakup, Desire, Explosive, Alluring, Mystical, Cosmic, Soaring, Energetic

While we are proud to have an Irish-focused catalogue, we are also music-lovers in general and enjoy being on the lookout for international talent that might fit the bill. This inherent musical curiosity lead to us pre-clearing our first US-based group Bird Passengers. Based out of Sacramento California, Bird Passengers is made up of producer Nate Dodge, songwriter Jonathan Jones and singer/songwriter Caleb Loveless. The trio produce a unique form of indie/electro pop that has an ever-expanding fan base with the track ‘Wanderer’ peaking at #10 on Spotify’s Global Viral list.
There’s a gentle lightness to their overall sound which stems from Loveless’ whispery vocals and the use of acoustic instruments like the piano or guitar. These mixed with Dodge’s production, could result in the listener either wanting to go straight to the dancefloor, or to just lie back, relax and enjoy an uplifting yet chill indie pop track. A good example of this mix of mood in a track is in ‘Mountain To Cover’ (video below). The song moves in waves between soft, ambient verses that gradually build to a powerful beat drop moment that glides, soars and inspires. Soaring, passionate, climactic moments that are powerful yet humble in character and not too intense (which a lot of ‘beatdrop’ moments can be…) are what Bird Passengers create beautifully. A perfect fit for those young and carefree story endings where love has conquered all and all is well!

Video for ‘Mountain To Cover’


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