Artist Profile: Bicurious - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Bicurious

Artist Profile: Bicurious

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Style:  Math Rock, Punk, Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock, Post Rock

Key words:  Groovy, Moody, Gritty, Dirty, Jazzy, Driven, Intense, Powerful, Action, Villain, Improvised, Racing, Heavy, Voice Over, Hypnotic, Death, Epic, Politics, Dark, Building, Repetitive, Soaring

Smooth headbanging? Can be done. Ultra driven duo Gavin Purcell and Taran Plouzané, or Bicurious as they are known in band form, see themselves as “a confused, loud, instrumental and experimental two-piece from Dublin, Ireland and Brest, France.” They started their journey together in 2016, and have since been on a steady rocking incline, accompanied by wild live shows, mosh pits, riffs, and the occasional vegan cake. They are the right-on lads with a sharp edge.

Sound wise they are devoted to guitar loops, massive sound tableaus, drum samples and jazzy chord progressions. This fore-mentioned mix is proving successful indeed, as Bicurious’ live performances usually are jammed, and their Spotify streams are flowing full force. Thankfully they are currently working on lots of fantastic new material, so more to come soon. And for those of you in Europe they are heading off on a tour very soon. Here are the dates:

Go see Bicurious as a matter of urgency ” (Remy)
Totally intoxicating, mosh-pit enticing, very tasty headbangery”  (Knockanstockan)
A very mushroom friendly band” – (Buttenpusher DIY)

Finally, here’s the smooth headbanger “Sleep”:

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