Artist Profile: Bedrooms - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Bedrooms

Artist Profile: Bedrooms

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland

Avant Music Port Catalogue ONE STOP

Style: Indie Pop, Slowcore, Shoegaze

Key words: Jangly, Heady, Reflective, Potent, Unique, Charisma, Driving, Dense, Carefree, Laidback, Dreamy, Atmospheric, Tender, Heartfelt

This band has effectively created a steady hypnosis on all who have crossed their path. You can say this hypnosis has been gradual and slow in the building, but we’re not so sure about that, given that they’ve just about more or less started (2019) to infiltrate the world at large, give or take some pandemic doing its rounds at the same time. With praise from Clash, DIY, NME and NPR already in their pocket, you can be certain that this is no fly by night offering.

Shiny lingering melodies, fretful drum beats, vibrating vivid audible auras, and a general molasses of an audio tapestry – in which your fingers and interests will be surely stuck and consumed – is what the band (Fionn Montague/lead guitar, backing vocals, Dane Staunton/bass, backing vocals and Ste O’Leary/drums) creates, and throughout vocalist Dev McGarry spins the yarn securely, and easily, thus making sure that what you’re left with is that afterglow they’ve named their first EP (produced by Bill Ryder-Jones) after.

“If you’re gearing up for the upcoming Summer of Love. the bittersweet Irish dream-pop guitars of Bedrooms offer a perfect soundtrack to all the doomed crushes you’re about to have.”

Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone

“If heady guitars and a dose of atmospherics are what you want to soundtracking these current rather reflective days, then Dublin’s Bedrooms have exactly the track for you.”


“We’re hearing elements of slowcore group Codeine, the snowdrift charm of Galaxie 500, and even the DIY songsmithery of Alex G, all distilled into something potent and unique.”


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