Artist Profile: Beauty Sleep - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Beauty Sleep

Artist Profile: Beauty Sleep

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland

Avant Music Port Catalogue 

Style: Dream Pop, Indie Pop, Synth Pop

Key words: Disco, Summer, Upbeat, Youth, Carefree, Love, Phoenix, Mystical, Relationships, Uplifting, Building, Mesmerising, Imagine, Regret, Honest, Floating, 80s, Groovy, Cool, Friendship, Depression, Cosmic

Music to dance to and have cosmic sparkling dreams to… dream pop trio Beauty Sleep are masters of that exact combination. Never thought you needed that specific balance of mood before? Well it absolutely does the soul good!

Cheylene Murphy, Ryan McGroarty and Aimee Williamson met at a house party when they discovered a mutual love for spelling out rude words with fridge magnets. This first common love then translated (naturally…) into a passion for creating soaring pop hooks, shimmering soundscapes, and synth/guitar melodies with a seriously groovy swagger. Under the careful guidance of Champion Sound Music Management, the Belfast-based trio create their own wonderfully charming brand of synth pop that could be compared to dream pop front runners such as Phoenix and Beach House.

Writing of friendship, love and freedom, Beauty Sleep produce glowing soundscapes around these themes. With a consistent faithful nod to the 80s they move between male and female vocals, hazy yet striking harmonies, and glistening synth parts. The light and carefree feeling of youth comes across in ‘Until We See The Sun’ as it follows the story of friends on a night out who all share the same feeling; “I’m giving you all of me until we see the sun”. In ‘All In’, while the story is of a limbo phase in a relationship when one side can’t go “all in”, the soundscape on the other hand is uplifting with a soaring vocal and spiralling, whirling synth melodies throughout.

If in need of background or feature sparkle to your picture, go for a Beauty Sleep track, they will be right on the money.

Video for ‘Until We See The Sun’:

Clare McGonigle