Artist Profile: Be the Bear - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Be the Bear

Artist Profile: Be the Bear

New Music for Sync Licensing

Style: Electro Pop, Indie Pop, Art Pop, Alt Folk

Moods: Feel Good, Triumphant, Confident, Determined, Emotional, Building, Brooding, Empowering, Atmospheric, Romantic, Hopeful, Beautiful

Scandinavian artist, songwriter and producer Christina Wehage; aka Be the Bear and The Music Agency in the Avant Music Port catalogue, has been compared to Bjork and Florence & the Machine, and even partly shares a Kobalt Publishing, London, home with the former, yet fits her own unique niche firmly and forcefully, and entirely under her own steam. Even the band name Be the Bear is a natural extension and emblem of the music she makes, as it refers to how she faced her own fears by somehow being her fear (she used to be scared of bears) the outcome of which is music that is thoroughly triumphant and fear-conquering, as well as uplifting and wonderful.

To Avant Music Port’s blushing delight Be the Bear wants to remain with us despite reaching early dizzying heights in metropolises around the world, and we are super keen to sync her talent near and far. After a quick listen we’re sure you’ll agree: there is no way that she’ll remain a hidden gem for much longer, and repeated sync placements of grandeur are inevitable. So come get that high-end sync now!

Here’s another Volvo commercial of hers to get you an idea of the sync’ability of this prolific and tremendously talented young artist.

And for this and other perfect sync tracks come by the Avant Music Port catalogue: