Artist Profile: Auxiliary Phoenix - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Auxiliary Phoenix

Artist Profile: Auxiliary Phoenix

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Style: Hip-Hop, Experimental, IDM, Dance, Trip Hop, Electronic, Rock

Key words:  Lo-Fi, Ethereal, Gritty, Unsettling, Dreamy, Syncopated, Glitch, Ambient, Edge, City, Foundsound, Atmospheric, Funky, Space, Tense, Trippy, Warped, Mysterious

Ok, so a quick scan over the styles referred to for Auxiliary Phoenix will tell you just what you need to know about what James Strain (aka Auxiliary Phoenix) the experimental hip-hop and jazz producer, multi-instrumentalist and Dj is aiming for; whilst he strokes his white cat, that is, genre domination, mmmmuuuhahaha. Only joking, well sort of, (he would have to tell you himself), but no matter, he is a man that spreads his musical aim far and wide without losing himself/his sound in the process.

His 2017 album was a fine mix of jazzy and spontaneous feelings, whereas the more recent output leans towards an electronic background with roots diving for, and finding fusions. We hear him experiment with a wonky sound full of world, hip hop, future beats, jazz and trap beat, leaving us in a darker but still very interesting place. The only way to really get a feel for it is through it. Thus, here are a few videos to make sure to give you the many flavours of Auxiliary Phoenix.

Official music video for “Chilano”, from the 2017 album ‘Camelopardalis’:


Lyric video for ‘Night Light’ feat Vast Aire (from Cannibal Ox) & Gentle Jones, from the 2018 EP ‘Power Cosmic’:


Or this Shookrah remix by Auxiliary Phoenix -‘Gerascophobia’ taken from ‘Clichés’ EP by Shookrah:


Jeanette Rehnstrom


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