Artist Profile: Atriums - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Atriums

Artist Profile: Atriums

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland



Folk, Electronica, Acoustic, Traditional



Moody, Dark, Ethereal, Trashy, Shimmering, Lullaby, Playful, Morning, Delicate, Bittersweet, Solemn, Spacious, Pensive, Dynamic, Uplifting, Atmospheric, Contemplative, Haunting, Longing, Caring


With a perhaps slightly grave air Atriums roll out something akin to grown-up lullabies, such as, for example, the track Christina that is full of emotion yet unquestionably has a glint in the eye. We are not talking Grim Brothers dark here but melodies that are soft and full of flair, plus playful to boot. The fact that they have been produced in a home studio environment adds intimacy and romance, taking you in and bringing you close, yet simultaneously the electronic montage upon which it is delivered elevates you, ensuring that the views are dynamic and wide. Atriums definitively has an indie film feel, but this is by no means their only fit.


Let Atriums take you for a magical stroll here on the AMP player: Listen on the Avant Music Port player