Artist Profile: Aerbeatz - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: Aerbeatz

Artist Profile: Aerbeatz

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Style:  House, EDM, Progressive, Deep House, Dance

Key words:  Futuristic, Contemplative, Cosmic, Otherworldly, Pulsing, Haunting, Creepy, Colourful, Building, Upbeat, Dark, Epic, Menacing, Piano, Chill, Airy, World, Funk, Ticking, Time

With a love for all types of music and vast influences ranging from film scores to EDM, genre defying Aerbeatz doesn’t particularly care to be categorised. Nevertheless, it is safe to say house with a chill feel and modern twist appear to be the most prominent terms that describe his sound.

Hailing from Dublin, and making noise since approximately the age of 6 when he received a toy drum kit for Christmas, the alter ego of an award winning filmmaker and digital designer by day has an obsession with creating.

After many attempts at bands that fell apart, in 2011 he turned solo and to electronic music. Initially making music for himself and being somewhat shy, the under the radar and elusive persona was hesitant to promote himself or his creations. However, after pressure from family and friends, and in between scoring for a film, he finally decided to climb out of his shell and release a handful of tracks in summer 2017.

This is what ensued:



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