Artist Profile: The Winter Passing - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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Artist Profile: The Winter Passing

Artist Profile: The Winter Passing

New to Music Sync Licensing from Ireland




Indie Rock, Garage, Punk, Alt Rock, Indie, Pop Punk



Powerful, Sincere, Emotional, Mournful, Glorious, Uplifting, Lively, Moving, Flowing, Oppressed, Anxious, Anticipating, Heavy, Jangly, Disillusioned, Soaring, Attitude, Energetic, Climatic, Passionate, Deep, Catchy, Pulsating, Bright


Managing being both gritty and bright is a feat not everyone is able to do but these guys deliver without a single hitch. The Winter Passing organize their energetic outbursts around the constant combination of female and male vocals, in a Pixies like vein, thus bringing intricate and beguiling patterns to follow through the skillfully put together fast, exploding scenes. It is a bit like pulling the threads to unwind a piece of clothing until the body is revealed, dancing. The tracks show that anticipation and comfort can work seamlessly together. This is for your driven and emotive content.


The Winter Passing delivers here: Listen on the Avant Music Port player