AMP Review: Silent Interlude “Fate or Faith” - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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AMP Review: Silent Interlude “Fate or Faith”

AMP Review: Silent Interlude “Fate or Faith”

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 Silent Interlude “Fate or Faith”

Last week I was pushing the joys of summer, and showing you how AMP can help you extend the lovely, shimmery, silky, hot haze of that beloved season. Nevertheless, each season and mood naturally looks for its own musical companion, and Silent Interlude offers a very different musical pill to last week’s offering, which certainly is more in tune with what is happening in our Irish weather at this point, (that is wind, rain, cold and blazing fires for those of you that do not have the pleasure of finding yourselves on our green isle presently). With a broody intro Silent Interlude suggest a more pensive approach to life, and this vein runs through all of their tracks. Voice wise the beguiling pipes of Niamh Walsh suggests an emotional combo of the lead singers of London Grammar and The Cranberries, whereas the main instrumental accompaniment of electric guitar, bass and drums takes you into indie territory, the combination gives you an indie-ambient feel. On “Deadweight” the addition of acoustic guitar, piano and a choir further broadens that ambient sound. Full of atmosphere and sentiment this band offers a delicious equilibrium of relaxation and intensity.


Styles: Indie-Ambient, Folk, Rock, Alternate

Moods: Emotive, Intense, Chilled, Relaxed, Reflective, Hopeful, Heartbroken, Mellow, Sad, Soothing, Strained, Frustrated, Sad, Tranquil, Nocturnal, Anxious, Somber, Jangly, Dynamic, Explosive, Building, Atmospheric, Swirling, Sentimental

Sounds Like: Cranberries, London Grammar, The XX