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New to the AMP Library: Richie Ros

New to the AMP Library: Richie Ros


Folk, Pop, Ballad, Christian, Easy Listening, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Irish Power Ballad


Energised, Upbeat, Happy, Confident, Smooth, Romance, Bouncy, Dancing, Dreamy, Sad, Emotional, Ethereal, Elegant, Tender, Reflective, Romance, Love, Caring, Feel Good, Deep, Climatic, Lonely, Charged

A storyteller with a love for tender ballads Richie Ros is your man for those moments that need TLC in extra measures, like say a romantic scene or film. Often his songs are about the strange combination of constant loss of, and belief in, hope and love. Gentle guitars, soft drums that build a swell, upon which bobs Richie’s wistful voice simultaneously soothing and querying, suggesting a caring man with a battered but strong heart.

In the production of his music Richie Ros has had help from the Odlum brothers (original members of the band Kila) both for the actual production as well as the playing of some instruments. David Odlum, although mainly nowadays known as a producer (of, for example, Josh Ritter, Mundy, The Frames), plays guitar on the album, whereas his brother Karl produces.

The tracks Strange mentality and To Infinity and Beyond are good places to start for an introduction to Richie music, although both carry a weariness they are such contented and happy songs that they are sure to make you smile and shuffle about.

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