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AMP Review: Paradox

AMP Review: Paradox

New to Music Synch Licensing from Ireland

Did you excitedly rush to the cinema recently to catch the “Kurt Cobain: A Montage of Heck” documentary by Brett Morgen? If so, you are probably nostalgic for the grunge/alternative rock sound and should take a definitive listen to AMP’s band Paradox. Paradox provides you with the mournful male vocals and catchy heaviness of Nirvana, the distorted guitars and tsunami changes in moods, but also a dedicated interest in noise collection. Paradox goes from disillusioned to hopeful in one swing of the hand, and then ventures off into sonic lands becoming a noise magnet, drawing metal out of walls and thin air, Burning Man style. A brooding over the end of our known world is flecked with rare glimpses of even, happy states that we suffer with the same pain, although belonging to the other end of the spectrum. Here you’ve got the grittiness demanded of the genre yet get treated to cellos, harmonies and pianos inbetween, creating a very personal sound. So if your diagnosis is the nostalgia suggested at the start, this is certainly just what the doctor ordered.


Styles: Rock, Alternative, Grunge, Noise, Acoustic, Experimental, Pop, Progressive, Indie


Moods: Gritty, Disillusioned, Brooding, Restless, Emotional, Sad, Melancholic, Mournful, Solemn, Anxious, Pushy, Nervous, Hopeful, Uplifting, Upbeat, Questioning, Angry, Chaotic, Doubtful, Lively, Quirky, Calm, Longing, Spiteful, Sad, Fast, Furious