AMP Review: Marlé - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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AMP Review: Marlé

AMP Review: Marlé

Marlé comfortably walks a taut rope between the robust current and complex; citing Florence and the Machine as well as more experimental types of music as main influences, and older wraithlike compositions, like say, Kate Bush’s. With the wind in her hair Marlé senses the chasm that is gasping beneath her but she confidently never looks down. She keeps her vocals winged and focused on her arrival. With “Sister” she has sandwiched two soulful piano ballads (No PainSlowdown) à la Alicia Keys within two more contemporary sounding drum driven tracks (Drive, Trouble) which are reminiscent of the contained wilderness of say London Grammar. There is no doubt that Marlé’s music has strong potential in today’s musical landscape as well as in the synch market, and in regards to adding her music to content not surprisingly No Pain has already been placed once, in the “No Limbs, No Limits” award winning Irish documentary (RTE1). This is confident contemporary music with a flair, which will definitely make it sought after for placements.

The promise is that Marlé will follow this EP with a male sibling and as you can see and hear there are many reasons to be looking forward to this.

Styles: Acoustic, Contemporary, Pop, Electro, Ballad, Singer- Songwriter, Piano


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