AMP Review: Kid Coy “Resolute” - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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AMP Review: Kid Coy “Resolute”

AMP Review: Kid Coy “Resolute”

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Are you on the lookout for a great alternative synth pop song with a reflective feel? Kid Coy might very well fit the bill. Here you’ve got atmosphere, which will fill more than the room, energy and contemplation all trundled into one package, wrapped with a sparkly electronic bow. This parcel is here at AMP waiting for you ready to go.

The radio friendly Dublin duo, Tom Doyle and Dermot O’Neill, aka Kid Coy, had their debut album produced by Karl Odlum (The Frames, Kila, Gemma Hayes etc.) and even managed to get him to play some bass on the album. Each song here is full of sentiment and ambiance, and as these revolve around each other they create open spaces loaded with sonic ripples and undulations. The Kid Coy mood is compassion and loss in a never-ending universe, and the colours are kind on your eye, similarly to, say Aztec Camera, although usually with an emphasis on moody rather than danceable. In 2014 U and I magazine picked Kid Coy’s song Sun God as one of their top ten international singles of the year.


Styles: Alternative Rock, Pop, Electronica,

Moods: Romantic, Bittersweet, Emotional, Hopeful, Determined, Energetic, Groovy, Building, Strong, Smooth, Loving, Obsessive, Soulful, Swagger, Filmic, Stimulating, Questioning, Depressed, Fearful, Nocturnal, Anxious, Chase, Up Tempo, Honest, Wondrous, Atmospheric, Deep, Moody, Ethereal, Stimulating

Sounds like: REM, Aztec Camera