AMP Review: Houdini - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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AMP Review: Houdini

AMP Review: Houdini

New to Music Synch Licensing from Ireland


Houdini, a brand new four piece from Dublin, breaks into the music scene with a big sound indeed. This is stadium sound par excellence. Colder starts off gently but the build up waits close under the skin, ready to pounce when given the opportunity. The sound on this song is reminiscent of the early sweet heavy metal bands like Whitesnake or Rainbow: plenty of attitude but not without reason or kindness. Houdini delivers big drums, strong lead vocals, and big confidence in what they are doing. It is bombastic. Friendly Fires take a pop route, you can practically see the fireflies rise with each trill from the synthesizer. This is one of those songs it is easy to sing-along to even though you’re not sure of the lyrics. Hold Our Own pops along, the inner animal is released and dancing is required. The track Nothing Here will surely find plenty of radio play, with a catchy melody, poised soundscapes and easy but not stupid lyrics. Then again, most of Houdini’s output would fit that description so we expect that this will be the order of the day.

What will these guys do next? We at AMP can’t wait to see, and will let you know as soon as more of Houdini’s tracks arrives at our offices. For now, take a listen on the AMP player.


Styles: Pop, Electronica, Psychedelic, Rock

Moods: Epic, Chase, Anticipation, Action, Swagger, Lost Romance, Rain, Catchy, Optimistic, Dramatic, Moody, Filmic