AMP Review: Frankenstein Bolts - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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AMP Review: Frankenstein Bolts

AMP Review: Frankenstein Bolts

New to Music Synch Licensing from Ireland

So the summer in Ireland has not been the best this time around, not sure about the rest of you, however, if you like us have been stuck under a straining summer season, you could make it easier on yourself and stick some Frankenstein Bolts on. This band will be sure to transport you to the flickering light on water and gentle summer breezes of which you might have been dreaming. These guys seemingly sail around in a persistent summer season. The synth base is coated with guitars, bass, drums and hushed vocals. Softly they tell their stories like the ripples from a surface skipping stone, often reminiscent of Midlake or , although on Up to the Root Frankenstein Bolts go a bit more 80s. This latter pop track almost calls forth an imagined background cameo of George Michael, spinning and snapping his fingers with that grin of his.

Great news: Summer is on tap on the AMP Player!


Styles: Indie, Dreampop, Folktronica, Alternative, Rock, Electronica, Lo-Fi, Synthpop, 

Moods: Dreamy, Summery, Reminiscent, Hopeful, Soft Rock, Gritty, Sedate, Atmospheric, Layered, Melodic, Content, Building, Visual, Space, Upbeat

Sounds Like: Midlake, the band that feist sang background vocals with