AMP Review: Francesca Baines - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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AMP Review: Francesca Baines

AMP Review: Francesca Baines

New to Music Synch Licensing from Ireland

Francesca Baines produces a new age but simultaneously very Irish sound world. She squeezes it out of the sunny autumnal glades of a medieval Eire, if jazz was around at that time in any case. We jump, dance and hide and flutter behind fluffed up foliage on this tree clad isle where wild animals still roam safe in their own shadows, most of them smiling contently to themselves, lost in their happy place. Natural sounds, of water, birds, and everyday implements embody each tableau. Perhaps what makes the sound so particularly Irish is the sound of Francesca’s plaintive voice but also the sea, and water in general, which constantly tremors in the vicinity of the musical body. Nevertheless, behind the quirkiness we hear ripples of Katell Keineg, a Welsh/French singer that spent a long time in Ireland, as well as more well-known songstresses like Joni Mitchell and Rickie Lee Jones, especially in their more jazzy numbers. The world of Francesca’s is very aptly also world music in the sense of that she creates something wholly her own, but there are also strains of international instruments and rhythms brought in regularly. Her vessel sails freely across the globe. She experiments, changes instruments, story tells, polishes, dives into myth and gets pleasantly lost in her creating. Her voice hovers just behind smoke, fog and in a shamanic trance she entices you and brings you surely in.

Avail of Francesca’s music via the AMP website. We look forward to showing you this and so much more over there.

Styles: Acoustic, Alternative, Folk, Classical, Contemporary, Experimental, Folk, Jazz, New Age, World

Moods: Eerie, Woodland, Mythic, Wild West, Theatrical, Old Time, Warm, Romantic, Dreamy, Minimal, Spiritual, Wild, Tribal, Majestic, Cold, Lonely, Evocative, Summer, Emotional, Quirky, Swagger, Filmic, Colourful, Lively, Latino