AMP Review: Fiach Moriarty "So I" - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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AMP Review: Fiach Moriarty “So I”

AMP Review: Fiach Moriarty “So I”

Avant Music Port’s first offering of Fiach’s is a fun-filled, kind, toe tapping and sing along universe that nevertheless has its dark nooks and wildly panoramic moments.

In Us Folk one could easily be fooled into thinking that this gentle, slow moving, feeling and thinking manner will be the way that this the whole CD will unfold. However, with tracks like Stop, Too Many Years and the title track So I (Have Fallen Down Again) you soon realise that underneath the congeniality are feelings of a wide variety, including anger and despair, giving an edge to even the quieter stuff. The pop or funk of tracks like Every Single Day and Wake Up Dead perhaps shows the most deliberate traces of these complexities. Yet the sun is never too far away, glinting away in soap bubbles that rise, in the little skip or humming that you might involuntarily slip into whilst listening to You Dear or Dignity.

Fiach nears the end with a particularly lovely little track called Lullabye, which invites a bittersweet nostalgic mood, perfect for a lead into or out of something thoughtful. The final song Home is Where the Heart Is is like a short film in itself, we follow a tragic love story from the first kiss in the snow to the rupture. Fading, we leave the woman on her own in her mobile home’s garden rearranging three little gnomes, a definite ominous hint in it’s everyday.

AMP will soon have more of Fiach’s colorful music so keep an eye on our website.

Styles: Acoustic, Classical, Alternative, Easy Listening, Folk, Funk, Pop, Psychedelic, Rock

Moods: Romance, Leaving, Life, Time, Night, Memories, Sad, Missing you, Lost, Walking, Smile, Calm, You and Me, Dramatic, Moody, Filmic, Upbeat, Love, Positive, Summer, Bittersweet, Defeated, Tense, Playful, Attitude, Changes, Rainy, Catchy, Optimistic