AMP Review: Eoghan Scott - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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AMP Review: Eoghan Scott

AMP Review: Eoghan Scott

New to Music Synch Licensing in Ireland

Eoghan Scott “South Circular Stories”

Flowing through lush landscapes, the heady wash of pine resin or recently rain sprinkled summer warm lands filling the speeding car as the dirty windows are lowered, everything becomes clear. You stick your hand out and let it dance in the water-like resistance. Eoghan’s dulcet tones lead the varied instruments with a comforting steadiness. He is soft and accomplished in the way that say Sufjan Stevens is. He is easy going with a tint of melancholia, but it is just a little sprinkling, enough to not lift too far off the ground. And then in Carnival he gets playful in the manner of Stephin Merrit of the Magnetic Fields. There is more than just a nod in the direction of the well-known British (and US) folk and pop movements, both past and contemporary; trains and guitars, harmonicas and wanderlust, which fits Eoghan’s voice like a glove.

Having a very impressive musical pedigree and having already provided music for the short film Wondering by director Kevin de la Isla O’Neill, and the TV series Ireland AM, stands Eoghan Scott in good stead, but it is what you are looking for in the here and now that truly counts so why not have a listen to his whimsical but thoughtful tracks, they, or his sound in general, might very well be the ultimate fit for your content.

Styles: Acoustic, Alternative, Folk

Moods: Optimistic, Inspirational, Light, Catchy, Anticipation, Chase, Dark, Lonely, Bitter Sweet, Feel Good, Summer, Build, Circus, Waltz, Playful