AMP Review: Breda Mayock - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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AMP Review: Breda Mayock

AMP Review: Breda Mayock

New to Music Synch Licensing from Ireland


AMP Review:


Breda Mayock


Breda Mayock makes elegant, mature music with gentle movements and a dreamy pulse. She conjures up a mystical past that echoes with the joy as well as strife of the present, revealing how it is all intertwined. This is refined folk, which at points made me think of Vashti Bunyan. Hailing from the wonderful west of Ireland Breda Mayock’s music seems to embody the ethereal landscapes and the wild earthiness of her surroundings. This album is crammed with magic and tenderness. There is a melancholy to it too, but it’s always a kind of sophisticated, pensive sort of melancholy, a kind of acceptance of the wild extremes, a way of living in harmony with them.

Having previously recorded with the legend that is Peter Gabriel, Breda Mayock is a fully formed and superbly accomplished musician with a style that is quintessential class, and just a quick listen to her on the AMP Player will divulge just how on the button that can be for a production with that particular need. Breda Mayock is sure to add that gilded edge to your creative content.

Styles: Indie Folk, Singer Songwriter, Acoustic, Irish Trad, Celtic, Art Song, Acapella, Folk, Pop, Ballad


Moods: Melancholy, Bittersweet, Moody, Soaring, Tender, Soft, Uplifting, Sophisticated, Sweet, Dreamy, Exotic, Travel, Ethereal, Soaring, Romantic, Flowing, Mystical, Spiritual, Pensive, Tranquil