AMP Review: Ailie Blunnie - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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AMP Review: Ailie Blunnie

AMP Review: Ailie Blunnie

New to Music Synch Licensing from Ireland

Listening to her recorded songs it is easy to imagine how fun Ailie Blunnie is as a live performer, even if you have never had the pleasure. The chutzpah here is sweeter but no less lively than Ireland’s other showstopper Camille O’Sullivan, so you are sure to be spellbound. With mellifluous vocals Ailie pours up whimsical stories of friendship and mad love, she makes you smile and move, pulling you in from the get go. Balancing on a Pop, Jazz, and Cabaret tightrope you watch as Ailie hops, dances and flutters in Coming to get you and Monster, reminiscent of the theatrics of Regina Spektor. Then she changes tack, jumps to the ground and launches into bittersweet love songs from behind the piano in How much do you love me?, You compare her to a rose and I will count my blessings. How much do you love me? won the love song category of the UK International Songwriting Competition in 2104 which was a great and deserved achievement.

Do try to catch Ailie Blunnie live if you can, whilst anticipating her first complete album, in the meantime you’ll find her here on the AMP player.

Styles: Pop, Jazz, Cabaret, Indie, Folk, Classical, Singer-Songwriter, New Age, Children’s, Instrumental, Dream Pop, Acoustic 

Moods: Playful, Whimsical, Mischievous, Funny, Witty, Quirky, Ironic, Love Song, Wistful, Heart-Warming, Bittersweet, Youthful, Haunting, Sad, Honest, Hypnotic, Sweet, Magical, Fantasy, Breakup, Dreamy, Strong