AMP Library Artist Profile: Night Trap - Avant Music Port - Music licensing & supervision - Ireland
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AMP Library Artist Profile: Night Trap

AMP Library Artist Profile: Night Trap


80s Synth Pop


Pulsating, Uplifting, Bouncy, Melancholy, Heartache, Optimism, Groovy, Droning, Deadpan Vox, Emotive, Eerie, Dramatic, Atmospheric


This Dublin synth duo knows exactly where they are going. On the track Looking Glass there is a direct reference to the 80s synth band Visage and then the start of Midnight Last Ever indeed sounds like a near tribute to Fade to Grey. However, naturally as soon as the play button has been pushed and Night Trap comes bouncing out of your speakers you will need no such explanations to understand the roots of the sound which they are aiming for, and indeed it does not in anyway take away from the fun. This is pure unadulterated cheer with just that perfect amount of despair clinging to the theatrical bubbles that blown rise and rise into the air, making rainbow after rainbow until the rainbow’s end, and there, as we all know, is a pot of gold as well!

Here’s the secret key that opens this treasure:


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